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Cubalaya Laying History

  1. bruceha2000
    This article will track the laying of my 2 Cubalaya girls from Ideal Poultry. I was asked to keep someone updated on it and it seems silly to post in the forum every time they lay.

    Peep (Blue Red Cubalaya) and Fae (Red Pyle Cubalaya) were hatched on 6/12/2012 and arrived with 10 other chicks on the 14th. They were pale yellow and a bit smaller than the others. They are now are a LOT smaller than the others. Other breeds, 2 each: Ancona, Black Australorp, Easter Egger, Partridge Chantecler, Salmon Faverolle

    I noticed Peep begin squatting around Nov 17 at 22 1/2 weeks. She laid her first pale rose egg on Nov 23 at 23 1/2 weeks.
    Fae startled me by squatting on Nov 23rd. She was probably ready earlier based on how fast she went down, I just didn't happen to accidentally put my hand over her earlier. She laid her first pale rose egg today, Nov 26th one day shy of 24 weeks.

    I have determined the first problem with the original format: I will have no idea which girl laid an egg if there is only one and I'm not there when it happens. Of course, not being there will almost always be the case. Since they started 3 days apart, I guess it will still be useful information if I just put the date and the number of eggs. If there is only one AND I know which one laid it, I will add that information.

    Fae on the left.


    Peep and Fae showing me how well a 4' fence keeps a chicken exactly where IT wants to be.



    and her first egg



    First egg date:

    Peep: 11/23/2012
    Fae: 11/26/2012


    23 - one - Peep's first
    24 - one - Peep
    25 - one - Peep
    26 - two - Fae's first
    27 - one - Fae
    28 - two
    29 - None
    30 - one
    November total: 9
    Peep: 5
    Fae: 3
    Not sure: 1


    1 - one
    2 - one
    3 - None
    4 - None
    5 - one
    6 - one
    7 - one
    8 - one
    9 - one - Peep
    10 - one
    11 - one
    12 - one
    13 - None
    14 - one
    15 - one
    16 - none
    17 - one
    18 - two
    19 - two
    20 - none
    21 - one
    22 - two
    23 - one Peep
    24 - one
    25 - one
    26 - one - Fae

    December total:
    Not sure:


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  1. Jungleexplorer
    Love the pics. Thanks

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