Chicken Timeline
December 2011 - Incubating 15 eggs from local BYC friend. Due to hatch January 14th 2012
December 2011 - Ordered 11 pullets from Ideal Hatchery. Healthy upon arrival with 9 packing peanuts.
October 2011 - Decided to build an incubator. I want more chicks before spring!! Testing phase of DIY Bator, temps not holding steady yet. Must adjust the lightbulb and possibly add a thermostat.
October 2011 - We're getting about 1 egg a day, but they look "eggzactly" the same. Is only 1 hen laying so far??
October 2011 - We have our first egg!
October 2011 - Processed the 2nd roo. It went much better-ish.
October 2011 - Processed my first roo. It went....interestingly??!?!!?
September 2011 - Roos are crowing, and it's getting old! They are doomed!!
August 2011 - I'm guessing we have 2 roo's and 2 hens.
July 2011 - We bought 4 chicks, about 2 weeks old. Reinforced the coop with double-pane hardware cloth.
June 2011 - Went out for the evening and left the chicks in the coop - dogs pulled the hardware cloth off the coop and killed the chicks. What a sad day! Told the kids the dogs played with the chickens too much and now they are in heaven.
May 2011 - We got 4 chicks from a neighbor, the kids love their chickies!!
February 2011 - Bugging the hubby to let me get some chickens.