Welcome To Chateau "Lay" Coop

This all started when my daughter's science teacher (and very good friend of mine) decided to hatch chicks in her classroom this spring

Well, that was all it took and one baby chick has turned into many!! And what started as a simple little coop for just a couple of chickens has grown!! But we couldn't be happier - we have loved learning about raising chickens and nothing beats the look on my daughter's face when she found her first egg!!

Here is the coop and run being finished. Now let the landscaping and decorating begin!!

Gem: our blue orp rooster as a baby and now at 5 months : sadly, Gem is looking for a new home :( but he is such a handsome boy!! He is a HUGE rooster and a bit too big for some of our smaller girls

Cookie: EE

Marsha and Delores: our silkie babies

Marsha and Delores growing up: You can see who my daughter's favorite is :) I now understand why everyone says that Silkies make the best pets for children. We had to search high and low to find these two babies and it was worth the search!!

Henrietta: EE and Millicent: Buff Orp enjoying some free range time

Our Guinea Keets enjoying a fresh summer breeze

Annabell: one of our blue orp hens