By CusterChknLover · Jan 15, 2013 · Updated Jan 15, 2013 ·
  1. CusterChknLover
    I am Loveing mother of two beautiful Daughters 16 & 20, wife to a fabulous husband that handles my chicken farming obsession with a nod here and there and maybe an Idea or two! Our mini farm is located in Washington State in the country, we have 2 farm dogs(rottweilers) a lil Kitten &My coop consists of 8 Hens and 1 Roo, breeds are Wyandotte, Blue Cochin Bantam, Brahma, & RIR's! I am anxious to add to my feathered family in the spring! This by far has been one of my best adventures yet! LOVE MY CHICKENS!! A few of my flocks favorite snax include Mac & Cheese, and they LOVE potatoe chips of any kind, and really any kitchen scraps they can win over from the dogs! :)


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