Cute Chicks Only!!
This is our 2nd chicken tractor, and I decided to dress this one up a bit and have some fun. The first chicken tractor we made was just a large, 8x4 foot rectangle covered with chicken wire. There was no enclosure, and we ended up throwing in an old wooden dog house that we found in our barn from the people who lived there before. It was very hard to move around, and there were no handles or anything. A particularly intense wind storm destryoyed it, and hence the need to make a more stable, practical tractor.
My husband built this as per my instructions. I wanted an A-frame style pen, with handles on each end so it would be easier for us to move. I wanted the enclosure to be built in, with a drop-down door in the back for easy access to the chickens, eggs or whatever else.

Here is the main door on the side.


Here is the back door opening.

I just hand-painted on some chickens for fun- My "cute chicks"

All finished and in place!

And here is our broody hen, hatching a clutch for us :)
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