My first BYC blog entry... Hmmm..
Well, I am going to the small animal auction tonight. I have several buttons I am going to sell, plus my guineas, what is left of them.
My birds all free range, except for the ducks. For some stupid reason, my dogs have decided they cannot stand the gunieas. Unless you are talking buffet style.
They never bother the chickens (knock on wood!) but if they see a guniea loose they make a beeline to kill it. So, since my poor gunieas are very unhappy living in a cage, they are going to go to sale where hopefully they will have a happier life.
I am selling some of my extra button quail tonight too. I have several more hatching in the incubator, and need some space. Speaking of which, I wonder what color the latest hatch is?.... Darn it! Another silver. I was hoping for a red breasted blue. Oh well. It appears healthy enough anyway. Wish me luck-and impulse control! at the sale tonight.