Cutest chick pic ever

By chickenlover02 · May 1, 2016 · Updated May 1, 2016 · ·
  1. chickenlover02
    So Im a guy and I dont say many things are cute but this is my little girl like, kissing my 150 pound american bulldog. it is so cute check it out. My chicks name is Phoenix we got her at my uncle Stans house on Easter and it has been so cool watching her grow up from what she used to be.She is a pullet now and is loosing her baby feathers lol so she looks scruffy. This pic was taken a little wile ago and we have a couple more like it. If I get enough comments I may upload some more just let me know if you do want to see more of phoenix. LOL lets not forget Callie who puts up with and protects my girl when Im not around, she is a great dog, I hope all of yall like this pic, let me know if u want some more.

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  1. Cluckcluck1215,please!!!
  2. Whittni
    So cute..more pics!
  3. chickenlover02
    what do u mean hipp like o u want it on this page or PM
  4. hippoatlarge
    Overdose of cute. Please put me pictures and stories of phoenix and your dog.
  5. Mountain Peeps
  6. hashworld
    Such a sweet pic :)
  7. BantyChooks
    Aw, how sweet!
  8. azygous
    That's just precious! What a special dog. (You know that "dog is "god" spelled backwards.)

    Please post more pics!

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