I've loved chickens since my grandmother was alive. She had a cute mama hen, and I had the oppurtunity to watch that mama hen and her babies, but the thing I most enjoyed as a child, was the gathering of the eggs. Loved going to the hen house and gather eggs. I don't know what it was, but it was more fun than playing with my barbies. My husband has to be one of the best men around to put up with all that I do with chickens. He's built my main coop, added on to the nursery hutch, and built another small coop and run for the teenage chicks. He must love me.
Runs me around to do my chicken business, and when it comes to buying what I need for my chickens..no problem. He seems to understand how much this means to me. I still have one son at home, but not for long, he graduates this coming year. He helps me with my chickens at times, gets a kick out of some of what is going on, but he's a teen! He has a lot going on.
Did I mention that I love hatching? I have hatched chickens now for a few years, and I've done ducks for fun, also quail, and a few turkey eggs.

My white Ameraucana..miss her!