Here is my first attempt at creating a Sportsman type Incubator​


This is the Completed Project​

I started by making a kitchen type cabinet w/ a shelve in it for a water dish Next I added a few small fans I had laying around and a sportsman heat source but I found out you need allot more air flow


So I added a bigger fan and put the smaller fans under the shelve to help redirect airflow because I didn't leave any space between the shelve and back for airflow. I also added a water pan with more surface area to help with humidity


I also chose to use a water heater thermostat because it was readily available but it took to long to get up to temperature when I opened the door so I added a 25 watt light bulb in the bottom to help raise the temperature quicker


Materials used to complete the project
  1. GQF Sportsman Heat source with leads ( $16 threw Cutlers )
  2. 8 " fan ( $10 at Walmart)
  3. Water heater Thermostat ( $8 at Lowes)
  4. 2 (optional) Hova Bator Turners ( $50 each at local Co-op)
  5. Pencil box ( for water) ( $ 1.25 at Kmart)
  6. Cabinet was built out of materials we had already ( Free)
  7. 2 Aquarium fans ( Free)
Total Cost - ( w/o turners) $ 35 ( with turners) $135

Notes- It is Built out of 3/4 Southern Pine Plywood and Southern Pine Trim. The Plexiglass window Measures 21X10. The whole thing minus the top measures 18x18x32. There is .5 degree diference between shelve one and two. The thermostat does like all water heater thermostats have a 4 degree change ( if set at 100 it will go from 96-100) but with the light in the bottom the temp stays for the most time in the 99-100 range.

Also Thanks to everyone on BYC for helping me work the bugs out on this build.