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By daisyderrick · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. daisyderrick
    Our Peeps
    2 children (Jackson-5, Evie-2), 2 Chihuahuas (Daisy and Lilly), One Cat (Sam) and our 11 new babies:
    (1 BLRW, 1 SF, 2 BWA, 1 BLA, 2 Marans, 2 Dom's, 2 SS)

    *As of now the chicks names are: Trouble, Molly, Fred, Wilma, Ruby, Bertha, Betty, Daphne, Velma and Molly. However, this is subject to change once we figure out if we have pullets or roos[​IMG]

    Our chicken coop
    *It's not quite finished, will update pics in the next few days*
    **Just have to add that I never thought I would love these chicks like I do! We lost our 2 RIR's and our Deleware chick early on (don't know why) and I was so sad about it :) They are so enjoyable to watch.

    The coop is finished

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