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  1. Daloorashens
    Updated 11/30/13

    I love swapping![​IMG]

    :My swaps

    Baby boy clothes, up to 24 months lots of baby blankets and misc baby stuff; if you need it, I probably have it, medium priority box full

    Maternity Clothes, all seasons and lots of choices, pants, shorts, shirts, sweaters, size S and M, I can PM pics, medium priority box full

    Plant Starts

    Plant starts will be availabe again spring 2014, could be as early as March, depending when the ground thaws... For a regular swap, usually a regional rate box A box full, your choice:

    Thornless raspberries
    Iris starts:light blue/yellow, English Style (smaller bloom) (lots of these still)
    Comfrey Starts (lots of these still)
    Jerusalem Artichoke Starts (at least 3)
    Rhubarb Starts (about 3 left)
    Jack Frost Brunnera Starts (very pretty shade plant) (1 more)
    Patriot Hosta (1 more)
    Chives (one good sized or 2 small starts)

    Virginia Creeper, awesome vine that grows 15-20 feet tall, big leaves, small white fruit) (at least 3 or 4 of these)
    I also have some dutch iris which are yellow and lavendar, but they have grass and wildflowers growing in them, so they would be best on a ditchbank or somewhere you are naturalizing...) (too many to count, the row is about 3ft by 25 ft)

    In this pic you can see the Dutch Iris, these are the ones that have grass/wildflowers growing in them, but you can also see the comfrey (large plant on the left) and rhubarb (bushy plant on far right) in the background

    Hatching eggs (not available until spring 2014:
    Wheaten Marans
    German New Hampshire
    OE's (hatching lots of blue OE chicks)

    Bantam Cochin Calico/Mille Fleur project

    Please see my coop page for more pics of the birds (needs to be updated)

    : Side Swaps/other swaps

    kraftyladies: mystery eggs in summer/fall 2013 (double swap for plants)NOT RCVD
    Babymakes6: eggs or chicks summer/fall 2013, premium swap rcvd 11/13
    Madamwlf: 6+bantam chocolate wyandotte?? 6+ bantam choco orps in spring!! (NYE bash prize)
    Ayeupchuck: CCL eggs for jerusalem artichoke (artichoke sent 3/21)

    :Swaps owed to me
    6+ super orp mix eggs from kraftyladies summer/fall 2013 (OCEC)
    6+ mystery chicks summer/fall=) from kraftyladies (PP/HE) NOT RCVD
    6 mystery chicks from kraftyladies summer/fall 2013 (NYE backwards swap) NOT RCVD
    6+ Mystery eggs from crazypetlady
    12+ RO eggs from crazypetlady
    all CPL Swaps due Spring 2014
    6+ Bresse from crazypetlady
    CCL eggs or chicks from babymakes6 summer/fall 2013 (part of above premium swap) rcvd 11/13
    12+ Bresse from Ayeupchick Summer/fall 2013 NOT RCVD
    12+ SFH eggs from wayne813 in spring 2013
    14+ Wheaten Marans eggs from Wayne813 spring 2013
    12+ Blue Isbar egg from Wayne813 spring 2013
    6+ jubilee orp eggs from Wayne813 in spring 2013

    I am DEFINITELY open to side swaps...
    Looking for:

    Always looking for boys size 8-10 warm weather clothing, solid color polos/shirts and pants (his school has a uniform dress code)

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  1. Daloorashens
    No more plant starts will be sent this spring, all plants are actively growing and they really struggle to come out of transplant shock unless you really baby them. Will offer plant starts again in the fall when they are going dormant =)
  2. Daloorashens
    Ground is thawing, will start filling plant swaps this week, raspberries not growing yet, but other root plants will be able to start sending out...
  3. TNBarnQueen
    I would love splash Ameraucana eggs. I have a BS Wheaten dbl muffed roo over a blue dbl muffed and a reg. white Ameraucana hens. I am willing to trade eggs in the spring...mine are keeping the eggs to themselves for some reason right now. LOL
  4. Chasity
    Ok... I have to find out what I have to swap for your started plants, because I went them. I know I have to dig up some white Irises to separate (every year), and I may have clothing in the size above, but may have already gotten rid of. That one has grown a foot so far this year. I would need your uniform requirements (dress code). We have dress code, but any color/print.

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