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By Dan B · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Mar 7, 2012 ·
  1. Dan B
    We are new chicken owners as of April 2011. We started off with two RIR and two Barred Rocks. So far I like the BR the most as they seam to be normal chickens. The RIR's are more aggressive and seam to not be as friendly as the BR's. It's a learning experience for us because we have never had chickens before but so far, it's been great. They started laying eggs within 12 hours of bringing them home and we get 2-4 eggs a day.

    September of 2011 we got to see them molt for the first time and in October 2011 was our first time worming them.

    Our coop is always in progress. These shots show it just after I got the two dog pens and added them for a 10x20 run. It's still not fully predator proof in these shots. Chicken wire will go on top and any cracks will have chicken wire added to it. Around the outside bottom of the pen there will be a electric fence 4 inches off the ground and 6 inches away from the cage. I guess our cats will have to learn the hard ay not to touch it.

    We are getting ready to redo the coop making it 4 times the size it is now so we can add 4 more hens. I've got the wood and supplies, now I just need to find the time before it gets to cold!

    Update (11-15-11) - Yesterday we bought a bigger used coop and hope to have it ready for the girls in a week or so. We plan to clean it up and paint it, and get it ready for winter. We also bought two Amerucaunas from the guy that sold us the coop and I have to say...they are beautiful chickens! The RIR's and the BR's do not like them yet but we know they will get along in a week or so.

    I plan on adding shots of all the gals soon but here is our coop and run for now.

    Update 3-7-12 We just received our 25 Rhode Island red chicks today and my daughter is one happy kid. I have to say they are so darn cute!

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