Hey, my names daniel. i have 3 ducks , 7 chickens , a few zebra finches , 4 chinese painted quail , 10 hamsters , loads of tropical fish , 1 dog and 1 cat :)
heres a few pics
this is my broody/grow out/brooder/injury coop its 5ft long 3ft 6 inches high and 2ft wide

this is my duck and chicken run (that aint the coop i got now)

when me and my dad were making the main chicken and duck coop

nest boxes

the old roof we had to take it off and put a wood roof on couse water was leaking in

roost (ladder aint there now and there's another roost up in there)

the coop side and back


nest boxes roost and inside the coop

duck nest on the floor

door for chickens and ducks to go into the coop

the sliding door

my ducks

my silkies when thay were babys :)

sadly 1 passed away when he/she was a few months old :( R.I.P
my chickens Old English Game Bantam Hens and White Silkies Roo And Hen

my dog

my cat

my quail most of these have died tho :(

my fish tank

and thats about it :) thanks for looking & hope u enjoyed :)