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  1. daniellea2912
    Last year, sometime in mid March, upon entering our Trupointe Co-op with my Mom and seeing their tubs of chicks I told her "I really wish I didn't live in the city so I could raise some chickens". She answered that I could keep them on their small farm as long as I did the work and paid for everything they needed... A few weeks later after chicken books galore and hours reading BYC- April 14th (2013) I picked up 10 day old chicks from Mt Healthy Hatcheries.
    I got 3 golden comets (rsl's) 2 barred rocks, 2 buff orp's and 3 Easter eggers.
    I work at my parents business, a lot of my time is spent answering the phone in their old house turned shop. I kept the chicks in the back room so I got to spend a lot of time talking to them and handling them in my downtime :). As you can imagine, they were spoiled from the start!
    Fast forward to now, I lost one of the rsl pullets last year but other than that still have 9 of the 10 originals and have recently added 2 black Ameraucanas to my flock. Here's some fairly recent pictures of them all
    Hazel (rsl) the chatterbox. Seriously, she sure loooooves the sound of her own voice! Prim is the Easter egger, she's so sweet and soft spoken and has an almost a songbirdy voice when she chatters... The buff orp is Ethel. I just love the buff orp temperament- like calm lil old ladies right from the start.
    Hazel again, how I have pictures with her beak closed I have no idea.
    This Is Hella. She caught a mouse this winter and was quite thrilled to run around playing keep away from the others..
    Hella is one of the queen bees of the group and is pretty spoiled... as you can see she thought I bought this whole bag of treats just for her. If I don't watch out, she will follow me into the old house and get into EVERYTHING.
    Amelia one of the Easter eggers- she got her name bc she was the first to be able to fly up and out of their brooder when I had it opened. To this day she likes to fly up to my shoulder and hitch a ride around.
    This is Beardie. I thought for sure she was going to be a he because for some reason from the start I always called her a him. Don't know why! I still mess up and do it even though I have seen her physically lay an egg many times... She's one of those hens who doesn't particularly like to be handled but she will allow me to hold her. Sometimes. For less than 3 seconds total.
    Beardie's namesake beard. So much fluff. Come to think of it, everything about her is quite fluffy- she's loosely feathered like the buff orp's
    Atilla (close up) and Darla, the barred rocks... Atilla would let me carry her around all day, and lays just barely less than my rsl... Almost a purplish egg. As you can see, she's also super photogenic, she just stares at the camera. Darla does not appreciate being held. She's smaller and rounder than Atilla and she lays a cute roundish egg to match.
    Beardie and Hella striking a pose, quite fabulous, eh?
    Nori and Poe my Ameraucana's. My older girls were none too thrilled when I introduced them after their quarantine... They are tolerating each other now. Poor Poe is sporting some bald spots on her head though... Both are still kinda flighty since I didn't raise them from chicks but they come running and devour any treats in my hands :)

    *not pictured- Mabel, my other buff orp. Notorious for ducking the camera by always hiding behind me lol
    EDIT: Finally got a good picture of Mabel. Excuse her ruffled appearance, she is going through a partial molt

    My egg palette.

    Thanks for looking!

    New chicks!

    I ended up getting 2 week old Cream Legbar chicks from a BYC'er , and from Meyer I got 2 Welsummers, 1 Speckled Sussex, and a Blue Cochin (all are pullets, hopefully).

    One of the Welsummers

    Speckled Sussex

    Blue Cochin

    One of the Cream Legbars

    At the last minute I added a little easter egger girl to my order to give to my broody Ameraucana hen, Poe. She had been broody for a few weeks but it was her first time so I decided to just give her one... She has turned out to be such a good mama so far. I just love watching them interact :love


    My other girls are doing well, they are enjoying the warmer weather and grass and bugs that have come along with it.
    I decided to built them a little plant bed filled with yummy things to munch on this summer......

    They didnt get the memo! They think I made them a fancy chicken bath spa :gig

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  1. Kluk-Kluk
    Love it! Great little story and photos. Lovely birds. And quite the egg pallette, too!
  2. wee biddy farm
    I love that you gave your broody hen a baby -too cute!
  3. chickengirl2014
    My Rhode Island Red also perches on people
  4. daniellea2912
    Thanks everyone for the kind comments! and thanks BYC for choosing Amelias' picture for POW!! :D
  5. chickenpooplady
    Beautiful flock! Congrats on Picture of the Week!
  6. BackyardBitten
    Love the descriptions of all your girls' personalities. They are blessed to have a chickie mom who loves them so dearly as you do! Thanks for sharing!!!
  7. Jewellan
    My flock of 10 are being shipped on the 30th. Time is going at a snails pace. Thank you for your wonderful pictures. Makes it easier to wait!
  8. MichelleVA
  9. Linda49
    I really enjoyed your post and the pix of your beautiful hens!
  10. Honomi
    Ahh... happy birds bring your life rosy and give me such lift. Congrats for POW.
  11. lzeynep
    Your chickens look so healthy! Good job taking care of them! It's a shame my chicks won't start laying until winter(since they're silkies) :(
    I love your chickens!
  12. suwahsen
    Your girls are beautiful! Congratulations on your new chicks, they will make your egg basket even more lovely than it already is.
  13. roostersandhens
    Congrats on pic of the week! I love the picture of Beardie's cute face! :)
  14. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  15. daniellea2912
    Thank you and Thank you! I think I am quite lucky to have them :)
  16. fisherlady
    beautiful flock! They are lucky to have someone who obviously cares for them so well!
  17. Thechickmama
    There soo cute I love them. Thanks for tellin us bout' your coop.
  18. daniellea2912
    Thank you! Beardie is quite beautiful... I think she know it too ;)
  19. crazyfeathers
    Beardie is a beautiful bird, they all are but she stood out to me. Great job raising the birds!

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