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D'Anver chicken breed rating

    The adorable chubby cheeked Belgian Bearded d'Anvers bantams are a wonderful breed for novices and experts. They are great for cold weather because of their rose combs and they are easy to take care of, because of their clean legs. They are naturally curious and social and like to forage, explore, and be around you and their friends. They are friendly, but the roosters can be aggressive. It is nothing to worry about, though, because even though the tiny roosters give it their all, they simply bounce harmlessly off your leg. Due to their small size they are a target to flying predators when you have an open run or free range them. One of our pullets has been taken by a kestral. These bantams fly well, and often roost where they aren't supposed to. Though they have some setbacks, d'Anver bantams are one of my favorite breeds and it comes in an amazing array of colors. IMG_20170721_1713034_rewind.jpg

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