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Dark Dozens The Coop

By Dark Dozens, Jan 11, 2012 | Updated: Jan 12, 2012 | | |
  1. Dark Dozens

    Dark Dozens - The Coop
    Building the coop:
    The coop is 5 by 6 feet. The run is 5 by 16 feet. It was built to house 8 Buff Orpingtons.
    The design was inspired by a coop I saw outside the local farming supply store, pictures I found on backyardchickens.com, and a shed that I built in 2009.
    I used pressure treated lumber for framing the floor and for framing the run.
    Everything else is framed with standard 2 x 4's
    The siding is T1-11.
    The floor and roof are exterior grade plywood.
    Asphalt shingles and drip edge were used for the roof.
    It is insulated with fiberglass insulation.
    Vinyl coated fencing was used to cover the window and the vent.
    Poultry fencing was used to enclose the run.
    Corrugated pvc panels were used for roof of the run.
    The coop was built with wheels, but to move the coop would be very difficult.
    Things that I added after I thought I was done:
    A small vent above the door.
    A rain gutter.
    Galvanized 2" x 4" fencing over the original poultry fencing.
    I replaced the pop door with one that could be operated from the outside.
    Things I would do differently:
    I wouldn't position the large vent so close to the roosts.
    I would position the coop so that the window faces south.​

    Framed the floor with 2 x 4's and 4 x 6's.

    Attached casters to 4 x 6's and added plywood floor.


    Framed the walls with 2 x 4's.


    Framed roof with 2 x 4's.

    Attached plywood roof.


    Attached drip edge and shingles to roof.
    Tacked on T1-11 siding to walls.
    Cut out openings for doors and window.
    Removed T1-11 for painting.


    Installed double hung window. Added door to nests.

    Attached door to the vent.


    One of the girls checking out the new coop.
    Still need to add the run before everyone can move in.

    Chickens are finally in their new coop.


    Framed run with 2 x 4's.
    Used corrugated pvc panels for roof of the run.
    Used poultry fencing for containment.

    Added an extra layer of galvanized 2" x 4" fencing
    to keep out predators.


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  1. scooter8
    Wow very nice coop! Is there any chance you have any kind of blueprints or measurements because I would like to build this coop myself??
  2. Arkonbey
    hate to be a bother but do you have any more interior shots? I can build structures but how to lay out the interior of a coop is baffling to me right now. Thanks! I hope my coop looks as good as yours. My wife thinks it's awesome, too.
  3. Arkonbey
    The coop and the article are fantastic. Thanks for posting this. My wife and I are going to be taking some chickens from a friend who is moving (we thought six but turns out to be ten hens). Things are moving quickly (chickens arriving in two days!). I measured out a place and I think I can re-work this wonderful design to fit the area and the chickens. Thanks so much and wish us luck!
  4. opedersen79
    Very nice house!
    I intend to build such a house.
    Do you have the opportunity to give me the exact measurements, height, length, width, etc.
    Greetings from Norway.
    Ole Christian
  5. ChickenLover188
    Wow! Thats a great coop!! I think the hens like it :)
  6. seamsewnice
    great looking coop, how are the roosts arranged?
  7. seamsewnice
    looks great! Where are the roosts?
  8. AngryRooster
    Thanks for posting this. Gives me some ideas for my coop!
  9. chicmom
    I love your coop, it's really cute and your buffs are adoreable too.
  10. Whittni
    Why is their snow in the run if the run is roofed in? Was the wind that bad?

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