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    Hello From Durant,OK
    This is my first year having chickens since I was around 12 years old (lets just say it's been awhile).
    I'm very happily married to the most wonderful man in my world (spoils me something terrible).
    I'm also the mom to a wonderful, tempermental, spoiled and just down right adorable 3 year old son.
    I'm also mom to a very lovable 12 year old cat named Angel,
    Hacker (my 4 yr old mix male dog), Binky (my 2 yr old female lab),
    Buffy (Buff orpington), Jersey Girl (Jersey Giant), Chocolate (my black sex-link),
    Tiffany, Uno & Pin Feather (production reds),
    Dolly, Lucky & Molly (silver laced wynadottes),
    Tuck (drake) & MingMing (khaki Campbell ducks).

    Newest arrivals
    Odin - Jersey Giant Rooster
    Pearl - Delaware pullet
    Summer - Welsummer pullet
    Lady and Dottie - Easter Egger pullets

    Vist my website to meet the feathered family

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