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By dasmiths0323 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. dasmiths0323
    We are starting a new adventure in having chickens! It all started with friends of ours having these cute baby chicks and My 2 year old falling in love! So we started with 4 then went to 6 and now we have 9!
    Shortly after we bought them we moved to a new house with 2 acres and was able to begin building the chicken Coop!
    My husband worked countless hours and weekends for 3 weeks trying to get it finished while working 50-60 hour work weeks our girls were growing up fast!
    Now we have a Really nice Chicken Coop that is 90% finished and very livable for our girls.
    I look forward to learning all I can to have happy healthy laying hens!

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