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By Madeare · Apr 21, 2014 · ·
  1. Madeare
    I live in the city with strict limitations of four chickens. Last Summer, I complained to my older brother about the bugs eating my garden. He told me, "I know just what you need and will come over on Saturday and bring it to you. Jim and sweet Fay walked in with a milk crate box with two little Bantam pullets. I was in love.

    (I cut away the side to use as a nesting box three months later.)
    When Lucy began setting on the eggs to April 1st, I realized that we needed a second nesting box and found this great box at Walmarts. As you can see in the right picture both girls are setting on eggs in the same box. Lucy the hen on the right owns 11 white eggs and Tiger on the left has 5 green eggs in the nest.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We were totally unprepared and had to scramble for a place to keep them safe. We found the old steel wire cage for our Scottie 30 years ago and expanded it out and lined the bottom with hardwire cloth since we had no idea where the pan might be. Then we went all the way around the sides with hardwire cloth so that they could not get out. We kept them in here for a few days.


    I began searching the internet for information and discovered “The Backyard Chicken” site. It did not take long to realize that they needed more room and a roost, what to feed them, and how important water is to them, etc.
    We began a bigger area for them. We pulled out the five foot tall dog fence play area and discovered that it was long enough to make a cage size 2ft wide by 6ft long and 5ft high.


    We use the 48” tall fencing as a play area that is somewhat safe for them until I trained Sophie the little black and white Papillon to share her kingdom with the chickens.

    We used the blue tarp to cover the cage at night and especially this past winter when we thought that it would never get warm again.

    Now we are working on the foundation and preparing for the new coop. I placed the cement stones for the foundation.
    David my sweet Soninlove came over and reset them so that they are level. Chickens are enjoying a dust bath in the area.
    David is building the walls of the coop at his house in the driveway. I took pictures of the walls yesterday.

    [​IMG] David made the sides first to see how it would work together. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] Installing the people door in the front of the coop
    [​IMG] The hen house will be on the left.

    The coop is being made out of pressure treated wood and will be covered with hardwire cloth for added protection. It will be moved here this week. I am excited as today is day 21 for the girls nesting.
    Unfortunately, since my neighbor put up a giant street light in his back yard, RooRoo went for the long ride across the lake and back to my brothers. I think RooRoo will be happy there as he can crow all that his little heart desires. I miss him and wonder if he misses his girls. He is a sweet tempered little fellow.


    I will post more pictures as the coop goes together.

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    looks good so far

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