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By Dawggy Stile · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Dawggy Stile
    My name is Jim and im 20 miles west of the Capitol of the world.. Cleveland OH. Why they claim that is beyond me since other cities play better music.Rock~n~Roll
    Enough of that though. Im a 43 yr old disabled truck driver with MS. Since I'm home all the time I decided why not build a coop and raise chickens. My neighbors thought i was nuts at first, but i politely told them chickens are quieter then their dogs are and unlike their dogs droppings, the chickens droppings can be beneficial to my garden. So now i have 4 hand me down from a cousin to test out my new coop... And neighbor reactions.. And soon will be gettin 6 babies to raise. Now if i only had room for a milk cow, I'de be set!birds

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