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By squiqwe · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. squiqwe
    What a good day.Officially we have started morphing the old shed
    into the Outback Omelet express!

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    47195_dscn0616.jpg 47195_bycnestbox.jpg
    Our first project is building the nesting boxes. I should make a project list but I'm winging it.
    Well enough for today. Better start earlier tomorrow!
    Tommow turned into about a week.
    Anyway there was no power to the coop. I finally figured it out though.
    There was a short in the underground wiring. It took me a half a day to straighten it out but finally, power!
    The Lattice will support my beans and cukes.
    May 8
    I guess I can turn this into a log. It rained really hard last night and flooded the back yard. That cuts down the options of what I can do. I have priorties;
    1 Work on the fence for the yard
    2 Cut grass
    3 plant the garden
    4 Work on the coop.
    But today I'm going to work on the coop. I'm going to build the roosting area and maybe cut out the door. Whatever I do it's going to be fun!
    Wanted to work but it's to wet and cold. I went out to start on the roost. I want to build a poop board that I can load with shredded leaves then empty by pulling thru the wall to the compost pile. it is just to cold outside today.
    To cold low 29 hi 58, gonna be cold tomorrow but if I work outside I got to cut grass.
    who would of thunk. Another bad day.Oh well maybe tomorrow
    Rained again last night. Pretty wet don't know if I can get anything done again
    Well the sun is out but who knows for how long. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.Got a doctor appointment this morning and afternoon,but goin to try to get some work done.
    Finally the weather is right. The temp is mid 60's, sunny with no rain in the forecast.

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