Today is day 2 of my "getting to know you" time at BYC. I am enjoying every moment of it, and I must confess, I am getting more and more excited about having chickens. I am past the excitement of saving money on eggs and knowing where my eggs come from. I am now excited to enter into the chickens as a "Pet" category. My husband is cautioning me that while they can be my pets...their primary purpose is to lay eggs and provide us fertilizer for our garden. <sigh> I would love to have these little "girls" running around our yard pecking away and fertilizing until their big hearts are content but alas, I have seen a hawk, and I know what that means. Does anyone know if hawks will "attack" with a human present? I didn't know if I should dare to let the girls (that is once I actually GET some girls) loose while I am out in the yard working, or if my presence would affect the hawk at all. POOH to you hawk. You may be pretty but now that I want chickens to be in the picture, your presence is no longer appreciated. Thank you for hunting the mice while you were needed, but alas it is time for you to move on. Do you think that little speech will move the bugger on? Haha. I thought not as well. I was given an amazing link by a fellow BYC that explains all about the common breeds of chickens and I plan to spend the day looking it over (dare I print it out for future reference??). I wonder if my baby girl (7mo old
) will tire of hearing her momma read to her about chickens...haha!! Well, time for a workout, feedings and then much reading!!