Day Two Of Coop Building

By tweetysvoice · Feb 19, 2012 · Updated Feb 19, 2012 ·
  1. tweetysvoice
    Today we decided to chop down the dead tree that was in the middle of the run area:

    This tree used to be pretty, but it completely died over the fall and had to come down anyways.

    My husband got to use his new chainsaw for the first time:

    The top came off first.

    Then it was the hard part of trying to cut through the base.

    Finally got it cut!

    The chain broke off the chain saw (of course, things couldn't go perfect, could they?) and this little bush had to come out. He's trying the axe. Didn't work out as planned either.

    We left the stump so the chickens could play on it. Also left the heart of the tree as a log I can roll around and let them scavage bugs that collect under it.

    I'm king of the hill (stump) LOL Now we just have to get rid of the bush and the rest of that icky mulch.
    After that we can start building the frame for the coop/greenhouse.

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