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    Hi my name is Debby. I am from Eastern Arkansas. I am new here but not so new to chickens. Ive had chickens off and on for about 8 years. I currently have 4 white peken drakes (3 of them I need to sell or trade for something), 14 rabbits(2 brown dutch bucks that need new homes) one cockatiel, 1 silkie roo, 1 supposed rhode island red roo, 1 black austrolorp roo, and 2 unknown roos, 2 polish hens, 1 bb red and rir mix hen with 2 babies and 2 unknown hens (Im a sucker for roos). I also have Sox the cat, 1 apricot poodle, 1 wolf hybrid, 1 shelter mutt, 2 black dobermans, a blue dobe and a red dobe. You can see all of them at

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