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Debtfreechicken Coop

By DebtFreeChicken · Apr 14, 2012 · Updated May 3, 2012 · ·
  1. DebtFreeChicken

    Setting the corner posts. Plenty of headroom for me (6'-0")

    Starting to frame the roof for the run. The coop will be part of the existing garden shed.

    The run roof all framed up. Using Vinyl roof panels so there is bracing every 2ft.

    The run framing complete. We then dug down and concreted under the baseboard. Run is 8x8 with a 1"/ft drop on the roof.

    Painted the roof framing so we could get the roof panels on to have some shade. Painting before roofing made for a very clean install.

    Decided to build an awning window on the west wall to keep the shade but provide ventilation. The brace is hinged to the bottom of the awning. It drops into place when opened and easily slides up the masonite strip in the middle of the window when closing. This makes the brace self-storing.

    The awning window closed. It is 22" high by 32" wide.

    Next was the pop door and ramp. The ramp lifts off for easy working in the coop. The power outlet will be used for a heated water fount or any other need.

    The pop door from inside. We used the rope opening idea. The door extends 3" above AND below the opening when closed. There is no framing below so that bedding does not keep the door from closing.

    Here is the rope used to open the pop door from outside the coop. I used small pieces of PEX tubing as ferrules to pass thru the walls. Stainless ring and hooks are the hardware. Notice the vents along the top of the run for year-round ventilation.

    Started framing the coop. It works out to around 3 sq. ft. per bird. (6 birds max. in town)

    All closed up. The panel in front of the door lifts out for easy coop cleanout. Access into the nesting boxes will be cut later. All openings (top and behind the overhead shelves) have 1/2" HC also.

    Starting on the inside. Roost boards lift on one end and slide out of the other. They can't be easily knocked out.

    The nesting boxes. They will be covered up until the birds get old enough. Boxes are 16x16x16. These are recycled storage boxes from an old entertainment center.

    Finally ready for the birds. Room for roost expansion if needed. Will be switching the poop board over to PDZ real soon. Got the windows in also. Got 4 aluminum windows that fit between the 16"OC studs for $84+shipping off of EBAY. Painted for easy cleaning. Poop board slides out for easy transport to the compost pile.

    Introduction to the new digs.

    Hopefully they will lose interest in the poop board soon. Scratching around on it will have to be remedied if not. *Added a HC cover to the poop board after switching to PDZ.


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  1. Harry Rooster
    Good work! Very much enjoyed the pics. Great ideas!
  2. jchny2000
    very well designed and thought out. Just a lovely coop! Bet the girls are quite happy.
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    Very much enjoyed seeing your coop come to life. Thanks for sharing :)
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  6. mo puff
    what a GREAT idea and the results speak for themselves! Cute chooks too!
  7. Mountain Momma
  8. ChickensAreSweet
    Wow great job! They look very happy in their coop!
    Very cute coop!
  10. DebtFreeChicken
    Our kids (the real ones) feel like celebrities now..... Thanks for having a website that helped us get going.
  11. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the CC-POW. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
  12. mixedpoultry
    Great job!!!!
  13. mauilani
    I love this coop
  14. BigRooNTN
    Great job. Now you can come to TN and help me LOL.
  15. Acresofchickens
  16. Brookliner
    Love the sliding pop board. Well designed and constructed.
  17. JerseyGiantfolk
    I love it!! Want!
  18. FuzzyButtsFarm
    Nice coop but your gonna wish you made the whole thing a coop. LOL
  19. DebtFreeChicken
  20. mschreiner1
  21. Stumpy
    Wonderful! Very well thought out.
  22. willowbranchfarm
    Wow Beautiful coop.

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