Deep Litter Method The Easiest Way To Deal With Chicken Litter Dlm

Good article except for the old information that DE reduces worms in chicken. It does not do that
Well written, I also appreciated the time line details.
I recently heard about this method on a YouTube video and decided to try it for the winter. I love the idea of not having to clean out often and it is amazing how little smell there is. It was also suggested to throw a little scratch in so the chickens will break up the poop a little, also.
This is such great information on how to do this and how it worked for you. Thank you.
Thanks for sharing your experience.
Thank you for this review, I may try that with winter coming on, thought is was much more complicated that the way you put it with more benefits for both me and my chickens
this information will help me do it right
soon I’ll be starting DLM. Good tips!
I will definitely be doing this soon. It will help in the winter and keep the smell and flies down in the summer. Right now I clean out the poop every 2-3 days.
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Just a great article with very helpful information.
Newbie here. Thanks for the simplified info!
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This is a good article, that encouraged me to try this.

I would have liked more information on the pros and cons of DE - I've seen a lot of questions about using it on other threads. I am using PDZ on the poop boards, and am unsure whether adding that to the litter would do as well.

And extra points for naming your bantam coop the Teacup Pterodactyl Townhouse!
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This is a great information “getter”.
It has good advice and facts that back her up.:D
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I think my coops are too small for this but I will give it a try anyway.
I guess you can easily drop all the contents after one year or the time you let it stay in your composting bins?
This really helped me decide what to do for my chicken coop. I am very happy that you shared this with us. Thank you! I am going to do this! :)
I go every two months during the winter, being that I have 30 New Jersey Giants. After reading your article I might see about going a little longer. If I could make it through the winter with only 1 change that would make my life easier and warmer. I'm not sure if I understand how the smell is less though? What is counteracting it?
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I have a wood floor in my coop and yes, it does decompose. It's a little slower but it works.
A nice article that is a great conversation stimulator.
Even 20 years using DLM I learn from new comments.
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As winter is approaching and I constantly looking at better ways to winterize the coop, I fell upon DLM here. Definitely will attempt this during the winter!
I did the DLM last winter and I believe it did help with making it warmer. My girls are in an unused, large remodeled horse stall in a barn. The horses are not in the barn much so no heat generated from them and the stall has a wood floor. As such it isn't overly warm and I think this really helped to keep the floor warmer for when they were locked in for a while due to snow. It also made care so much easier. I didn't do the DE but it sounds like a good idea and I think I will do that this year. I did clean it out in the spring and have done weekly cleanings through the summer... lately I've been wondering why I did that. :) Maybe I won't do that next year, not sure yet.
I've been using DLM since the chicks were first moved into the coop. I use hemp bedding because it is very absorbent with very little dust. But it is expensive because I have to have it shipped to me. But I have yet to need to add any fresh litter to the coop and we've had the wettest, most humid summer that I can recall this year. And the coop does not stink!
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