I am a Mother to Two teenagers
a bunch of Whitetail (Piebald,White and regular) and Fallow Deer~
6 dogs~a Chinese Crested,3 Pit Bulls,Min-Pin,And a Teacup Chihuahua
8 Rhea 1 White 7 Grey
Rabbits*Netherland Dwarf & Lionhead Rabbits~
Geese*Sabastopol,African Dewlap,Roman Tuffted, and Buff Geese~
Peacocks* White & Pied~
Chickens* Blue Laced Red Wyandottes,Butter Cups,Plymouth Rock Bantams,Turkens,ShowGirls,Calico & Mille Fleur Cochins ,Mottled & Frizzle Cochins Bantam and Standard,Mille Fleur and Blue Mille Fleur D'Uccles,Tetra Tints & Amber Links To name a few!!~
Ducks*(Crested & Non) Khaki Campbell's,Blue Sweedish,Welsh Harlequin,Jumbo Pekin,Buff,Mallard,Rouen,Runner,Mag Pie & Muscovy Ducks
and...Turkeys* Blue Slate,Black Spanish,and Crosses~
We also have Silver Seabrights & Gold Seabrights and Silver Duck Wings....Lots of Old English Game Bantams breeds.
I Now have a Great Netherland Dwarf Dairy Goat Kid.
I still want Red Golden,Yellow Golden,and Lady Amhersts (again) And Emu/Rhea...And A pair Of Trumpeter Swans If I can Ever afford them...