DeKalb County Georgia Chicken Ordinance

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    DeKalb County Georgia Chicken Ordinance
    Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
    Max Chickens AllowedZONING ORDINANCES APPLY.
    Roosters AllowedYes
    Permit RequiredNo
    Coop RestrictionsProximity, sanitation, noise, and zoning restrictions apply.
    City/Organization Contact name
    Additional Information
    March, 2013
    Unincorporated DeKalb – Chickens not allowed at this time unless residents have more than 2 or more acres of land. If you do have enough land and you want to try to raise chickens,their housing (coops) must be located a minimum of 200 ft. from the property line.
    DeKalb County code has been under review since 2011, when changes were recommended.

    Brookhaven – no update on their rules since they newly incorporated as a city.

    Chamblee – People who own 3 or more acres can raise chickens but hen houses must be located a minimum of 200 ft. from any property line and not less than 250 ft. away from houses or businesses where people reside or work.

    Decatur – Voted the most chicken friendly in DeKalb! They actually have an ordinance that was written to allow chickens. Roosters are allowed too but be aware of neighbor disturbances and avoid complaints. Must supply adequate housing with a solid floor and at
    least 4 sq. ft. of space per bird. Housing has to be located a minimum of 75 ft. away from a neighbor’s house. Birds must be confined to a fenced area – no free range chickens! Sanitation is a key issue to control odor and pests and limit complaints.

    Dunwoody – Rules are up in the air. Dunwoody had an ordinance that they followed until 2010 that allowed some chickens under a permit and inspection process. Since they have incorporated as a city, some rules have changed and they have not provided an update.
    Call the city offices before you decide to try to raise chickens!


    Ellenwood – Not incorporated as a city has a small part in DeKalb County. No chickens allowed.

    Lithonia – Chickens allowed as long as they are contained. We assume that means fencing and coops? Coops must be a minimum of 250 ft. away from a house or building.

    Pine Lake –Up to 30 chickens maximum if there is sufficient lot space(?). Chicken coops can be located no closer than 250 ft. from a building where people reside or work. You must provide suitable housing and a fenced run. No free range chickens and no guinea fowl are allowed.
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