Here is alittle bit about me. I am a jump right in, spare of the moment kind of person. Quite when you first meet me and can't get me to shut up once I know you. I can be very stubbern and strong willed and usually get what I want one way or another. I was born and raised in Cali and moved to Mo when I was 19 with my 1st born and have lived here and loved it since. I am married to a great man who was in the Marines. We have 4 beautiful kids, 3 girls and 1 son. So far we have 2 guiena pigs, 1 pit mix, 2 barn cats, and 4 chicks. Come Aug we will be moving on to a little 10 arce farm that my hubby heped build and we will be adding cows, pigs and hopefully 2 horses. We have big plans for our little farm and I can't wait to get there. My hubby does leather work, my kids play all kinds of sports and are in 4-H, and I do about anything, but I really love to sew, scrapbook, cook and read. My favorite time is fall and I sell at all our local little festivals. So far my favorite chickens are silkies and I love the look of cochins, we will have to see what others I love after I get more. There is alittle bit about me. I love this site and enjoy meet all the people on here.