The Delaware chicken was developed in, you guessed it, Delaware during the 1940's . The Delaware is a cross between a Barred Rock and a New Hampshire. The Delaware is a large, hardy, dual purpose bird which lays medium to large brown eggs. The Delaware is a very rare breed in the chicken world and is considered to be in critical condition by The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy with fewer than 500 breeding birds in the US and to be globally endangered.
My Hen, Egglentine was my first chicken. Egglentine arrived in April of 2007 from Murray McMurray Hatchery with an assortment of chickens. Egglentine quickly became the apple of my eye, in other words, my favorite little peep. She would come running to the edge of the brooder when I came into the room and would jump in hopes that I would have a special treat. As Egglentine grew she became a feisty little girl with an energetic personality. Egglentine was first up into my lap as a young girl always looking for that treat. As Egglentine continued to grow her beautiful feathers started to come in, first all white and then the lovely barring began to show thru.