Thanks for looking at my Birdies!
We are BACK in Alabama again.
These are all Friends and Favorites who have moved all over with us!
Girls hatched in 2005Americauna
Leona Ally
Leona11.jpg Ally11.jpg
"Jordon" is Leonas daughter (2009) (AmeraucanaXBlue Polish)Her best friend is Pong.
Her crest is kept trimmed since they freerange but becomes rather wild like a Polish if left alone.
Jordon.jpg SANY9225.jpg
Barred Rock "Ethel" (AKA Naked Bird) hatched in Spring 2006
Ellen 2011 Ethel's daughter BR X American Game
Rhode Island Red "Limpy" Hatched crippled in 2007
(survivor of two dog attacks and being scalped by the turkey, hops on one foot)
Limpy.jpg Limpy11.jpg
Midnight Black Silkie hatched 2005. The Main Man around here.
midiblingbling-Copy.jpg Midi11.jpg
Black Silkie "Cupid" hatched 2007 (MidnightXSophie)
P1010017.jpg SANY1642.jpg Cupid1.jpg
Cupid and Ping share one chick after a snake took all Cupids chicks/eggs.
Little Bitty "Ping" Hatched 2008 Grey and Black Silkie parents hatched with normal feathers
SANY4842-1-1.jpg SANY9233.jpg SANY9232.jpg
"Pong" is another normal feathered Silkie out of Grey and Red Silkies. I have bred him back to Ping to make PingPong babies. They are breeding back true with normal feathers and are really cutie pies!
"Pong" 2009 hatchling
Pong11.jpg SANY9238.jpg SANY9243.jpg
Grey X Black Silkie genetics with normal feathering in parents (PingXPong)2011
Panda Tosh
panda11.jpg Toshwguinea-1.jpg
Black Copper Marans 2009 "Crow"
Crow 2011 Chick "Lily" BCMXAmerican Game
The Bourbon Red Turkeys "Tiberious and Nibiru" Hatched in 2008
SANY0291.jpg SANY5203.jpg
Our current Dogs:
Two Am Bulldogs, Two Dachshunds, a Beagle and a Min Pin.

SANY9076.jpg P1010067.jpg

nurnieswim.jpg smeagleandgirls.jpg
photo-1.jpg SANY0781.jpg
3dogs.jpg SANY0821.jpg