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By destorieswind · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. destorieswind
    Well I want to post some pictures of the coop just to see what people think.

    The roost just built yesterday.

    The roost is about 3 inches wide. Two poles for about 20 chickens. Droppings fall below in a small compost area.
    better pic of where droppings go DSCF2810.jpg
    Since there is no electricity out there. I use a rechargeable 9.6 volt battery to power a small 4 watt bulb just so I can make sure they all made it it at night. Light is only on for about a minute a day. So the battery might need charging once every 3 weeks. Not to big of a deal.

    picture of the bulb (havent secured it yet)
    use a 5 gallon bucket for water. boards that it is on is only temperary. thats next on the list.
    Grape vine has a lattice work that should help keep cool in summer . I hope

    One more view from outside

    Happy little chickens. lol.
    thats about it until I work on the coop some more. Dont know if I should keep coop bare dirt or use hay...

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