Deufuss and The Girls In Virginia

By HobbyChic · Jan 1, 2015 ·
  1. HobbyChic
    I started out last April with 20 chicks unsexed. Ended up with 6 roosters so I placed them with friends. Ran out of friends. Havd to give a hen with one rooster.
    Down now to Deufuss (my gorgeous Cochin Rooster) and 4 of his girls- Henny Penny, B.B, Ghost (grey) and Chicken Little ( the smallest). Then came 3 hens
    from a flock that had gotten wiped out by predators. One red and two speckled cross with Cochin, some feathers on feet. Harmony at last. I have been averaging 3-4
    eggs a day and the original girls are just a year old. Not sure who's laying. B.B. decided to be broodie and so I left her two eggs, her health was declining and the
    eggs rotted. Stopped that fast.

    Updated pics of my flock.....was worried about heat but they seem to do fine. Cochins sit on their perch and the other 3 burrow in the straw. Its a small cope approx.8X8

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