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By dfcest2006 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. dfcest2006
    My name is Tabitha and I have had chickens since spring of 2009. Prior to that I had never had a "FRESH" egg!! I love hanging out outside with my family and watching our chickens and all of their curious little ways :) After having a few barred rocks for 1 year we branched off and got a few guineas (my husband had always loved them) and then our cow feed delivery guys gave us some turkeys later on.
    I am a BUSY stay-at-home-when-not-running-errands-mommy to 3 and wife to 1!
    <3 I am a princess because my Daddy is the King-of-Kings and Lord-of-Lords... My cup runneth over <3
    This is my page and these are my birds [​IMG]

    One of my guineas on the roof...

    Our turkeys...

    Will add more as time permits :)

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