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By dharper1953 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. dharper1953
    Just a Little Egg Farm 2 B
    Received my chicks June 24 and they are now almost 3 wks old. They are all hens. I will soon post pics here. The girls are:
    Buff Orpingtons----Sweetie, Goldie and Sunflower
    Australorps----Janis and Bet
    Barred Rocks----Toot and Puddle
    And a little unidentified---Louella.
    Unfortunately Louella, Toot and Sunflower were killed by a ravaging snake and believe me when I tell you---it was not a rat snake but a cottonmouth. He ate two of the babies and had killed the third. So we are down to five ladies left.

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