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By Daloorashens · Dec 13, 2012 · Updated May 22, 2013 · ·
  1. Daloorashens
    Updated 3/28/13

    Okay, so here are my birds!!

    Let me be clear that I am new to breeding birds to type, I will be doing some hard culling to get to SOP on all my birds, perhaps even liquidating and using other birds if needed... soooo... any and all comments are welcome on the birds, I am learning!!

    First the Marans... My roo is almost 2 years old and I have 3 pullets which hatched out late spring 2012

    I have a French Blue Copper roo over 3 FBCM pullets, also 18 month old EE's in this pen for OE eggs..

    My roo has a great temperment and a clean comb, my boys named him Tornado...
    This pic was taken this week...


    Closer of the pullets with some of the roo behind:



    They have light shank feathering..


    I sold my Blue Wheaten Ameracauna roo, so will no longer be offering the Wheaten/ Blue Wheaten Ameracauna chicks/eggs

    Possibly this fall will have Crested Cream Legbar

    Spring 2014 (if all goes well) will have:

    Wheaten Marans

    Bantam Cochin Calico project

    OE eggs again

    any and all comments are welcome!!

    Some of the EE chicks, I really like how they are feathering out


    As the weather improves, will get more pics of them outside!

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  1. TNBarnQueen
    Love your light colored hen....the blue wheaten with her in that shot is really nice too...they looked like they may be dbl muffed. ;-)
  2. Daloorashens
  3. Whittni
    Nice chickens!

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