Did I waste my money?

  1. Mybackyardpeepers
    Hi all! So I just went out and spent almost 100.00 towards my chicken's run. My problem is there is sooo many conflicting information out there. My run is 20 x 10, half is covered and half is sunny. Here are my questions:
    1). I purchased 4 bags of pure virgin cedar mulch. To which I read as long not colored was fine. Now after nicely spreading it around the one half of my run I am reading it's not good for them?
    2). I bought 3 ornate grasses. 2 Northwind Switchgrass and 1 Adagio Grass plants for some shading in the sunny area. They were recommended because of how hardy they were (didn't have to replace every spring). Are these two grass plants safe in their run? Again I see tons of post that ornate grass plants are fine.
    3). I see some sites say fern plants are ok for chickens, but get to the store and there are at least 4 types. Is there a specific one I can get to put in the ground?
    I'm hoping I didn't waste my money and that I don't need to be up early raking 4 bags of mulch up before the girls get let out. Thanks!

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    1. Mybackyardpeepers
      Yeah I posted this late last night and was tired, realized I posted in wrong place. Thanks!

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