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    The 1st Poultry Exhibition in the United States was held 11/14/1849
    There were 219 exhibitors, 1023 birds, and over 10,000 visitors.

    That "Standard" chickens weigh 4~7 pounds depending on the
    breed and the sex (roosters weigh more than hens).
    "Bantam" chickens - which are the same as standard chickens
    only smaller - weighing 1~2 pounds.
    Silkies ~ Feather Legged Bantams ~ weights
    Cock 36 oz. Cockerel 32 oz.
    Hen 32 oz. Pullet 28 oz.
    Silkies come in bearded and non bearded varieties, recognized colors
    are Black, Blue, Buff, Gray, White, Splash & Partridge.


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