Dirt Holes

  1. LoveChickens123
    Today when i was in the pen i saw this big dirt hole!!!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
    i was like cool i am going in there to help them dig to Japan YAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was like this is so fun i chopped roots and throw dirt with my shovel !!!!!!!!!! [​IMG]
    Then it started geting windy so i closed them up and stopped digging to japan.[​IMG]
    But it didn't rain yet and so i went in there again and i got a little hand held rake.[​IMG]
    but i kept running into a root then i started chopping away on it then in a couple of minutes it broke!
    (noooooooooooooooooooooo) then i started calling it a pick axe then i made up this song ....... its a pick axe its..its a pick axe oh yeah its a pick axe oh yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Pick axe!!!!!!!!!!!

    thats going to be my one hit wonder on the radio and music records store playing all day long

    and don't talk me out of it . it will be a one hit wonder yeahhhhhhhhh[​IMG]

    Eariler today i saw a dark black ........ are you ready..........SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh

    Me and the chickens started freaking out chickens started flying and we just going crazy!!!![​IMG]
    So i said get in your pen now because you are not going to die by a snake you will die of ......OLD AGE[​IMG]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Then it wraps around then dirt hole and the pick axe and other things

    Well i hope you enjoy the story!![​IMG]

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  1. LoveChickens123
    l love chickens
  2. LoveChickens123
    thanks so much
  3. asifs cool
    What a good story man

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