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Disposable Brooder Made Of Free Materials!!

Free Disposable Brooder Box! With all free materials!
  1. Nyla
    First things first, Materials Needed!

    Step One: Order the materials!
    Everything you will need to build the "brooder pen", is all free from USPS.com!
    Usps even delivers the supply's for free!
    Need List.png

    Step Two: Once you have all materials needed to make your brooder pen, it's time to get to work! Un-wrap all 4 items needed.

    Step Three: Take 2 of the boxes and lay them long ways next to each other.

    Step Four: Use the shipping label stickers , the long priority stickers, or the pick stickers and place them running down the middle of the opening between the two boxes.
    IMG_1412.JPG IMG_1414.JPG


    IMG_1415.JPG IMG_1416.JPG


    Step Five: Repeat this on both sides and use step four to connect as many boxes as you wish for the length and width you desire!

    Step Six: Use the boxes as floor covers if needed. I always use the boxes as a floor cover also to line the bottom.

    Step Seven:
    Add your normal brooder materials and chicks!
    IMG_1119.JPG ( I used duck tape in this picture, only because I ran low on materials I needed!)

    Step Eight: When the boxes start to get ruined, just throw away the makeshift brooder and make another brooder from the free materials Of USPS.com!

    ***NOTE** For those who think it's a fire hazard, I have used this method for over 5 years and never once has the boxes caught fire on me!

    I hope you all enjoy this Free Disposable Brooder!!

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  1. The Angry Hen
    Pretty neat! Did you come up with the idea to make it?
    If so, either way... Good idea! Your smart!
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    1. Nyla
      I had the boxes laying around the house and my chicks were getting very big and my little tote couldn't hold my 8 chicks (heavy breeds of chickens) anymore, so I came up with this idea. And Thank you!

      Also the ducklings in the picture are my ducklings from Metzer farms. I just recently sold them all.
      The box brooder really held up for a good 2-3 weeks with ducklings! And they get water everywhere! As for chickens, it lasted the entire time till I wanted to put them outside.
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    2. The Angry Hen
      Good job and very pro-active! ;)

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