DIY $10 Fully Recycled Coop - looks so amateur and it is, but does the job

  1. chunkyonchia
    Don’t laugh
    [​IMG] I spent $50 on add-ons and less than $10 on the actual coop... Basically, with a handsaw, drill and some free pallets, I managed to bump together a house for my new kiddles. Ignore the piece of wood leaning there. It’s covered in art work by my 10 year old sister. I was worried that, if I did it, then you’d all laugh at me, so I let a child do it.
    I spent my $50 on: 2x padlocks + 2x hooks + 2x hinges + a wooden plaque for above the door + the rest was on PVC piping and adhesive.
    The side wall is removable, so that I can clean it out. It’s attached via padlocks, it my own poor way. I used guttering and compost, then planted some peppermint and oregano. Hopefully they’ll boof out and add some insulation, as well as ‘erbs.
    I made a little ladder for walking up into the coop. More free wood. I have noticed that this ladder is way too small for their feets, and therefore have since added thicker wood for big feet.
    I nailed up some pots. I’ll add flowers once it warms a little. The front there is a little bit open with chicken wire covering the gap. I’m hoping that this will keep the coop cool in the Summer by allowing some airflow.
    My sister and I collected some branches from the bush that had been burned in a fire. So they were dead. I nailed them down and yay, we have some roosts!
    Where your chickens sleep is an important factor to consider. Especially because I like to imagine chickens as little old ladies that love their creature comforts. I imagine them going to bed at night and sitting together for some gossip and knitting. They make sweet hushed sounds at night, sounding like gossip gossip gossip.

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  1. Diannastarr
    sweet coop, :thumbsup i do some diy stuff my self , here is my new idea for a summer time well ventilated sturdy pen door made from a create,
  2. CuzChickens
  3. chunkyonchia
    Hehe, yes. For example, I'm attempting to bath the hen at night so she'll actually let me, but I can't actuallly access her haha!
  4. twisted-acres-farm
    excellent job !!!!!! and best way to find out what you like and don't and what works and what might need to be changed before taking the plunge and build a second coop.
  5. chunkyonchia
    BTW I live in a rental home, so this is a short-term coop, to kinda see what I do/don't like.

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