DIY dragon eggs! Made with chicken eggs

  1. Chicken-lovebirdchihuahua
    Step #1 get out your egg(s) and boil them

    Step #2 get out vinegar and mix dye in it (only add until just covering the bottom of the container)

    Step #3 crack the egg and roll it aroun in the vinegar (the more cracks the more dye gets in)

    Step #4 carefully peel off the shell of the egg piece by piece

    Step #5 enjoy your yummy pretty masterpiece

    It should look something like the pictures below
    C02A3520-5066-46E2-9E30-508B4CF7A862.jpeg 29CDED4B-8073-4AB8-B9EA-65A78A20FD04.jpeg A016304F-C64F-4950-A035-10ECCC2529A4.jpeg

    Note: the blue and purple dye worked best for me

    Hope you liked this article!!
    Thanks for reading it:)

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  1. Fanci Feathers Marans
  2. Abriana
  3. N F C
  4. casportpony
    Very cool, I love it!
    1. Chicken-lovebirdchihuahua
      Thanks so much you are so kind
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  5. Texas Kiki
    This is very cool!
    I think I am going to try this!
    Thanks for sharing.
    1. Chicken-lovebirdchihuahua
      Thank you so much glad you enjoyed it
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