DIY Goldfish Stuffed Animal

By FluffTheDuck · Apr 18, 2019 ·
  1. FluffTheDuck
    Here’s my goldfish named Soup. He really loves soup.
    What you will need:
    • Fabric or felt
    • A medium sized bowl
    • Yarn
    • Brush (your brush or your animals brush)
    • Sharpie
    • Pencil
    • Scissors
    • Poly fill or rice
    1. Spread out the fabric (you can use felt, too) on your work area and make sure it is showing the wrong side to you. Doing this with felt won’t matter— just make sure it’s spread out.
    2. Grab your bowl and place the top of it on the fabric. Trace around the bowl with pencil and remove it. You should have a big circle.
    3. Cut out the circle. Put your hand into an o, and put the fabric into it to where it makes a bowl. Make sure it is the wrong side of the fabric looking inside the space.
    4. Still holding the fabric in your hand, cut a piece of yarn about 8 inches (doesn’t matter, just make it long) and loosely tie it.
    5. Put the yarn that is tied around the top of the fabric. Tie it tighter, but not where there is no hole available, and DONT CUT THE EXCESS! This is the fin(s).
    6. Stuff the goldfish until it is a small ball.
    7. Repeat step 5 two more times, and tie the yarn tight.
    8. Fluff up the back (tail) of the goldfish. The goldfish is the ball.
    9. Brush out the yarn until it becomes fluffy. You can do this if you want a fancy goldfish, or just leave it the way it is.
    10. Draw a face. You can draw a cute smiley face, or anything— but I did a more realistic face ( :O )
    If you did not understand the instructions, you can visit the video here

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