[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Our FIRST Chickens!!!! July 30, 2009[/FONT]​
BYC has been extremely helpful to me already, a new chicken owner of some 3 week old chickies! One is a runt so I needed some help/advice/guidance and I gathered lots of it from the forum. THANKS TO ALL MY POSTERS!!!!
Here are the chicks at WEEK ONE: (the runty one I was worried about is the one at the bottommost part of the group)

WEEK TWO: (the runt is still the same size and the others are twice as big, but the "little one/half pint" manages to hold her own and dodge between the others to get food. She's usually in the middle somehow. To rest she is usually with Megan (the chicken who seems to have turned into a big sister type)

The chicks are starting their third week and I will keep up with their progress....
Thanks for looking!
Donna in WA