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By dmttomb · Apr 23, 2013 · Updated Apr 23, 2013 ·
  1. dmttomb
    Growing up, we had chickens, ducks, geese, goats, and various other "small farm" animals. Now, I am venturing back into the hobby with the expectations that my family will experience the same joy and excitement from raising chickens. I was going to start with only four peeps, but my daughter talked me into getting five. We now have 3 Light Brahmas and two Golden Laced Cochin. The 3 Brahmas are only about two weeks old and the Golden's are around a month or so.
    I will post as time goes on ... any problems or bumps in the road.
    I am building my own coop. I am placing it in a dog pen (6x12x6 foot high) and probably putting some type of screening over it to keep any predators away.
    We also have a 2 month old duck (had two but the stray cats killed one) and he is afraid to go outside without the dogs or people, I am hoping that the chickens and coop will "untraumatize' her.

    Light Brahma peeps

    Golden Laced Cochin Peeps

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