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Dndpoultryfarms Member Page

  1. DNDPoultryFarm

    D&D Poultry Farm
    About Us:
    D&D Poultry Farm D&D= Daniel and Donna's.
    Our small farm is located in North Carolina.
    We are NPIP #55-970 all of our birds are very healthy.
    We both work full time jobs so please give us time to answer e-mails and phone messages.
    [email protected]
    Things We raise:
    Heavy Breeds:
    Ameraucans, Black Australorp, Barred & White Plymouth Rock,
    Black Jersey Giant, Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, Light Brahma
    Black Tail Japanese, Silver Duckwing Old English Game,
    Blue Wheaten, Red Pyle,
    Silkie Bearded and Non Bearded Black & White,
    Bourbon Red, Royal Palm
    India Blue, Black Shoulder, Silver Pied
    Red Golden, Yellow Golden, Silver
    Pearl Grey, Lavender, Pied, Whites. ​

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