Doctor Who Holidays! :3

By Mantha8225 · Jun 11, 2014 · Updated Oct 19, 2014 ·
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    August 24 is Pompeii Day, and to celebrate, we put the eyes of the sooth sayers on the back of our hands.
    May 7th is Black spot day
    Doctor Who Day is on November 23rd, the day the first episode of Doctor Who went on air
    May 31 is River Song day
    April 3 is Wear A Bow Tie Day.
    April 3 is also Fish Fingers and Custard Day
    December 21: International Dalek Remembrance Day
    March 25th is the official 2nd Doctor Day
    Clara Appreciation Day is March 5th! Celebrate by cosplaying as her and writing "The Impossible Girl" on your arms
    Ninth Doctor Appreciation Day is on May 28. Celebrate with bananas, of course!

    Comment if you have any others!

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