Does my duck feel abandoned?

  1. blandaaffonso
    Hello everyone, I will appreciate anyone that will help me with this one as I am extremely emotional right now. I had my buff duck for 3.5 years, today I dropped him off at a friends house who has a farm and a pond on her property because I no longer have the time to take care of him. He lived in an apt he’s entire life. She has chickens and that’s who he is mostly likely going to live with.
    Will my duck adjust to this extreme change of environment? He’s a California duck will he survive the winter of New England?
    I also got him a girlfriend because he didn’t have anyone and he still not used to her, he has never been around any other ducks.
    They been together roughly 3 weeks now, is it too soon?
    I am allowed to go visit him, will he forget who I am?
    Looking for a friend thank you for your time.

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