hi im monica
im new here sorry about that
My Plymouth hen, Pepper has been yawning then shaking her head for about three weeks and it only occurs once to three times a day. I read that gape worms is most common in young birds and my hen is five years old. Also she might have mites because sometimes after shaking her head she scratches her ear. I used a stethoscope to listen to her lungs and it didnt sound like she was having trouble breathing. I also noticed that she has been drinking more frequently. i aslo tried to give her ivermectin in a half gallon of water. the day after that she seemed to be very happy and alert. but today, the fourth day she now seems depressed and annoyed. i stopped the treatment yesterday because of the directions labled. i dont want to pay expensive vet fees for nothing. please help, i want my hen to live a long live.