Dog House Tractor

By Commando1 · Jun 10, 2012 · ·
  1. Commando1
    This tractor is suitable for 2-3 hens and is about 8 ft long, 30" high and the width of the dog house. We used the plastic dog house from tractor supply (large) for $69. Recycled 2x4's and some plywood , 1/2" hardware cloth and the wheels off of an old hand cart. All told. Hardware, house and hardware cloth totaled $180.00. The house is easily removed from the tractor , and the 2 egg boxes easily removed from the house to make cleaning easy. The egg door is easily accessible. We reversed the top and bottom of the dog house to put the egg door at the back of the coop and the entry door in the lower half of the house facing forward. The top of the tractor is hinged and provides access to the coop when open. We had a blast building it and think the to girls we are planning on purchasing will do well in it.

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    "Photos please"
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    Can you update this article with a few photos please?
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    Picture would be lovely to understand how this came together.


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  1. JessicaEm
    Would also love to see photos!
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    Sounds interesting. I'd love to see photos.

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